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My Mother Essays | Meri Maa Par Nibandh | Mother Essays In English     

          My Mother (Essays)

Mother is the symbol of affection , kindness and sacrifice . She is always devoted to her children. She can make any sacrifice for her children. When I think of my own mother, I cannot help feeling that I have got an ideal mother.

My mother is a pious lady. She is not much educated but she has a lot of worldly experience. She takes a keen interest in household affairs. She has great affection for us. I have got one brother and one sister. She loves all of us alike. She always looks after our comforts. She does not care for her own comforts. If anybody in the house falls ill, she nurses him day and night. She even forgets her meals and keeps awake at night.

My mother is a kind-hearted and generous lady. She always helps the poor. She delights in giving alms beggars. She is a God-fearing lady. She goes to the temple every day. She observes fast on sacred days.

She pays a great attention to the formation of our character. She wishes that we should be ideal citizens in future. In the evening she tells us instructive stories and teaches us how to make our future bright.

My mother has to work hard from morning to night. She getsup at 5 a.m. Before we wake up she prepares breakfast and tea for us. Then she cooks our meal. After sending us to our school she goes to the temple to offer her prayers. When she returns from the temple, she takes her midday meal. After taking her food she does household works. In the evening she goes to kitchena gain. After feeding us she tells us interesting stories. She goes to bed at 11 o'clock.

I am proud of my mother. She has great expectations of me. I wish I would fulfil her sweet dream.

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